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VIDEO ORDNANCE presents: War in the Gulf 3 – Desert Storm: Desert Victory

Relive the defining moments of the Gulf War with the breathtaking conclusion to Video Ordnance’s quartet of War in the Gulf documentaries – “Desert Storm: Desert Victory.” In this gripping 50-minute color documentary, we delve into the heart of Operation Desert Storm, unraveling the military strategies and tactics that led to an overwhelming triumph for the allied coalition forces.

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About the DVD:
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• Runtime: 50 minutes
• Resolution: 16:9
• Documentary: Colour
• DVD Condition: Excellent
• Language: English

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About the Documentary:
“Desert Storm: Desert Victory” transcends conventional war documentaries by dissecting the vital military lessons derived from the Gulf War. Through a captivating narrative and authentic combat footage, the program offers a unique perspective on the preparations for war and the decisive campaigns that shaped the conflict.

Key Insights and Questions Answered:
Legacy of Vietnam: Explore how the lessons of the Vietnam War influenced allied strategy and tactics in the Gulf.
Aerial Dominance: Discover why the coalition air forces were able to strike with impunity and unravel the mystery of the Iraqi Air Force’s retreat to Iran.
Arab Forces’ Role: Uncover the crucial role played by Arab forces in securing the coalition victory.
Commander’s Influence: Gain insights into how coalition commander General Schwarzkopf infused his leadership into the battle.
Global Impact: Delve into the lasting impact of the Gulf War on the future of the world’s armed forces.

Modern Warfare Unveiled: From Training to Tactics
Witness how modern training programs and combat tactics have elevated battlefield technology to new heights. Produced in collaboration with a team of military analysts, this program explores the reasons behind the stunning success of “Desert Victory.”

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  1. webxgear

    “Desert Storm: Desert Victory” is a must-have for history enthusiasts and military buffs alike. It’s a remarkable addition to any collection, offering a profound understanding of one of the most pivotal moments in modern history. Don’t miss the chance to own this extraordinary piece of documentary filmmaking. #DesertVictory #GulfWar #MilitaryHistory

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