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Introducing the DVD Collection: “1939-41 Newsreel History of WW2 Vol 1 – A Gripping Journey through Time”

Relive the pivotal moments of World War II with our meticulously curated DVD collection, Vol 1 of the “1939-41 Newsreel History of WW2.” This 441-minute black and white documentary is a treasure trove of historical footage, capturing the essence of the years 1939, 1940, and 1941.

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About the DVD:
• The disc has been successfully read
• Runtime: 441 minutes
• Resolution: 16:9
• Documentary: Black and White
• DVD Condition: Excellent
• Language: English

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About the Documentary:
Step back in time and immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and stories of a crucial period in history. Order your copy of “1939-41 Newsreel History of WW2 Vol 1” today and embark on a captivating journey through the defining years of World War II.

Key Features:

Newsreel Chapters: Immerse yourself in the unfolding drama with 52 chapters, each meticulously documenting significant events from Roosevelt’s World’s Fair opening to the dramatic Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.

Historical Footage: Witness history in the making with the first-ever filmed warship-plane battle, soldiers training in the forests of Finland, and the iconic Dunkirk evacuation.

Iconic Moments: From the Battle of Britain to the fall of France, experience the intensity of war through rare footage and poignant narratives.

Comprehensive Coverage: Explore a wide range of events, from political speeches to battles on various fronts, providing a holistic view of the global conflict.

Exclusive Content: Enjoy exclusive glimpses into rare occurrences, including the scuttling of the liner Columbus and the meeting at sea between Roosevelt and Churchill.

Memorable Personalities: Delve into the past with appearances by historical figures such as Lou Gehrig, Winston Churchill, and President Roosevelt.

Cultural Highlights: Beyond the war, witness cultural milestones like the release of “Gone With The Wind,” “The Wizard Of Oz,” and Walt Disney’s “Fantasia.”

In-depth Narration: Gain insights into the era with detailed narration, providing context and perspective on the events that shaped the course of history.

Order your DVD copy of 1931-41 Newsreel History of WWII Vol 1 Today!

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  1. webxgear

    The “1939-41 Newsreel History of WW2 Vol 1” DVD is an absolute gem that deserves every one of its five stars. As a history enthusiast, you would be blown away by the meticulous curation of this collection, offering an immersive and comprehensive journey through the pivotal years of World War II.

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