~RRP $300~ Ozito PWE-1300 High Pressure Washer Electric Water Cleaner Gurney Pump



The Ozito High Pressure Washer is ideal for cleaning most outdoor surfaces fast and efficiently. It’s designed for removing dirt from vehicles, boats, driveways, garden paths, terraces and garden equipment.

The lightweight design and on-board storage allows easy transportation from one job to the next around the home.

For controlled, efficient cleaning of even surfaces such as patios, driveways, decks and paving the Deck and Patio cleaner will also reduce your cleaning time. Also included with your pressure washer is a Detergent Spray Bottle with adjustable detergent regulator, ideal for applying detergent for the cleaning of cars, motorbikes etc.

The Adjustable Spray Nozzle provides the user with selectable spray patterns, simply rotate from a high pressure solid cone stream for dirt blasting to a flat fan spray that’s perfect for those delicate cleaning applications. All these attachments include the Quick Connect System allowing you to seamlessly transition between attachments.


1300W / 1450PSI
3 Metre Hose
Quick connect system
Deck and patio cleaner
On-board storage
Adjustable spray nozzle




+ Cash
+ Credit or debit card (Mastercard, Visa [3% Surcharge], Amex [4% Surcharge])


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